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Club Car is an American company that manufactures electric and gas-powered golf cars and UTVs for personal and commercial use. It is a business unit of the Ingersoll Rand corporation in its Industrial Technologies division.It is one of the largest employers in Columbia County, Georgia.

A former assembler mentioned, "Club car power train line is based off favoritism. When I first started there I was excited about working there. Then, after being there a while I have seen that in order to move up you have to do things that were un-moral."


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Former Contractor - Design Engineer II says

"Toxic work environment and extremely high turnover"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Employees spend all day fixing problems and making new problems. 'leadership' is weak, steals ideas, and lies. People smile in someone's face and as soon as that person walks out the room ask others what they think of them, then make narrow minded, personal, sexist, or even racist comments. anyone that speaks up when this happens gets blacklisted and treated the same way"

Former Intern - Anonymous Intern says

"No leadership, no defined outcomes on your assignment, basically did manual labor the entire time"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper management has a great disconnect with personal who do the work. HR does not respect employees, they always take care of who they want to."

Current Employee - Mechanical Design Engineer says

"Projects schedules are compressed for speed to market Engineering resources are stretched too thin"


"Short breaks where there are not enough microwaves for employees to use."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"In the same breath, what has supported the company for years cannot continue to be the only support system as business changes. Club Car needs to innovate with more efficient, automated, technology driven processes and refrain from doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results. More training is desperately needed for both new and tenured employees."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Strategic vision is inadequate and decisive decision making even at Senior management level is often a challenge. Resource management is poor with many projects understaffed."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Club car power train line is based off favoritism when I first started there I was excited about working there then after being there a while I seen in order to move up You have to do things that wasn’t of moral"

Assembly Line Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"The peoples was Something else and the works and the workers everybody want to be the Boss's. Walk away from work stations and Horse playing with their Butt Buddy every Day and all Day long . The 110 percent of gossip off"

Mechanical Designer 2 (Former Employee) says

"One of the most unorganized places I've worked. There was no training, just a piece of paper with instructions that made no sense. No talking or asking for help aloud. Strict miserable environment.Good payPoor management"

Inventory Associate (Former Employee) says

"Would-be and better work if it was fair and placed not trying to help a friend move up that unaware of what going on. Place people in the job they know about or let them train in another area to learn before letting them be in charge because they are a friend."

Customer Experience Manager (Former Employee) says

"Club Car lacks necessary software to complete work efficiently. The Management is a "good old boys club." They lack vision. Upper management lacks to the proper male to female ratio. The company skews its business numbers by forcing customers to take orders early to show profits month to month."

Kelly Services Temp (Former Employee) says

"Really a aggravating place to work plenty of work at times under paid all of the time not much room for advancement wouldn't recommend to work there .Didnt like at allMove at your paceProduction process"

Production Assembler/Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Club car would be an great place to work but management is very poorly and they show favoritism. They lack team work if they do not like you most likely you will become a target and they will do what they can to get rid of you."

loader and tester (Former Employee) says

"build upper and lower deck inside trailershow to build an upper and lower deck inside a trailerco-workers were easy to work withbuilding inside 110 degree heat inside trailerfinishing the last trailer of the dayhour lunch and break as neededworking in extremely hot environment"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Very hustled, nobody willing to train. Managment is terrible. Staff is competitive. Also no benefits towards anywhere. Lack of work. Not very many hours.NoneEverything"

Assembly Line Worker (Current Employee) says

"Start production at 6:30 I've learned as a unit we can accomplish any task that is put in front of us our supervisors are in the process of learning there position learning new areas can be difficult because you are on the production floor and the assembler must keep with the flow of production line the sense of accomplishment at the end of the day facing different adversities is quite rewardingVarious incentivesShort lunch breaks"

Driver (temp) says

"It is great to travel the country and take in all the sites but this company does not value your family like it should."

Manager: Warehouse, Receiving and Loading (Former Employee) says

"In the past, this was a great place to work until Ingersol-Rand brought in their management team after acquiring the company. Anyone that I know that is still their is looking for other employment. Senior management blames the lower management for the implications of their poor decisions. They can't understand why they continue to stock-out of materials when they try to JIT materials with the order lead time longer than the order file in long in time. The blame game is in progress and everyone works to cover their backside instead of working together.none until the current senior management is changed.the atmosphere is intense and toxic."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"It was a great company to work for until management started changing. For the worse that is. They can do more but they don't. You can work forever and never advance. Unless you are a personal favorite employee.Some of your coworkers make the day go byBackstabbing, no advancement, last minute notice to work, favoritism"

Plant Engineering resource Coord. (Former Employee) says

"The personnel that make the product that Club Car sells, is one of the most outstanding personnel that you will find, However, If your are in middle management, people in the front office will stab you in the back. If you like working for management that will pass their work off on you and then chastise you for not doing it the way they would, This is the place for you."

Crew Leader (Current Employee) says

"There is a lot of favoritism that is around the whole plant. Certain people get promoted just for being friends with the supervisors. It is hard to grow within this plant and the most qualified person may not get the job. Benefits are okay and you get a decent amount of vacation town. Pay at this plant is lower than all the other plants in the area.Air and heat throughout planntFavoritism"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Very hard to move up and be placed permanently ver cliquey and pay is minimum. The hours go over everyday and when you are a temporary it never seems to reflect on your checks"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"It started off good but slowly went downhill from there. They don't listen to to workers or coworkers and it makes it very difficult to be there. It was a happy place at one time.U get a paycheckUnnecessary changes that don't benefit the workers."

Crew Leader (Current Employee) says

"I just think that any company should value a hard worker and i can't say that i feel like i am of value at this company. A typical day at work for me would be to check to see what was coming off of the four lines that we maintain. See how many car's are going to be ran that day how much space do i have in the yard and what well be loaded to make space. I learned how to properly teach a new employee and how to communicate so that they can get a great understanding for what i am saying. I also help co-worker's load and find car's that are missing. Create data sheet's as well as present them to manager's and customers.The hardest part of my job is trying to get my fellow co-workers to understand the process of the yard due to many changes that really left a lot of questions unanswered.The most enjoyable part of my job is the people, you can learn a lot about a person if you give them a chance to open up to you.Great Health and DentalNo Respect from the lead's"

Forklift Operator (Current Employee) says

"It is wide open from start to finish where good employees are tasked with extra work while the other employees do as little as possible without any repercussion. The work is not hard nor tedious but it is required to be done correct and by procedure."

Scanning Auditor (Current Employee) says

"Club Car is very face paced, long hours, and just a typical payratefree lunch on satshort break for long worked hours" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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